Makeup – Editorial + More


Special Occasion Make-up

Special Occasion Make-up Application: $75.00
An absolute must for those special occasions.

Special Occasion Make-up Application + Eyelash Extension (New Client): $225.00
Go ahead and spoil yourself.

Fashion Shows & Photo Shoots 

First 2 Hours: $175.00 flat fee
Additional: $50.00 per hour

Body Painting

Body Painting: $100.00 per hour (4 hour minimum required) – Basic Design & Makeup included, Elaborate design may require additional fees

Application & Technique Lessons

Full Lesson (2 Hours): $200.00 – includes cost of supplies
Partial Lesson (1 Hour): $100.00 – A focused session – includes cost of supplies
Starter or Application Lesson: $75.00 – Introduction to makeup for the armature, suited for teens and novice makeup users – includes cost of supplies

**Any booking exceeding scheduled time will be subject to an additional fees per each half hour.